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Sandrine Piau in the sunset

Publié le par Bertrand Ricque

After “moonlight shadow” in front of Samothrace Island , I had to find something innovative.

The 4x4 was a bit old but it’s CD player was OK. The map was promising numerous archaeological sites aside a trail in the mountains.

The trail was going in between olive trees over the Aegean Sea .

I ended in front of a megalithic gate over ape Maronias (by the way, nice diving site 100 m under).

The sun sets in between the two blocs of the megalithic gate: one can suppose it is its purpose.

The scenery is breathtaking: the sun, the sea, the olive trees and some goats (don’t forget to close your nose).

Something is missing: Sandrine Piau in the Lucrezia by Haendel (full power, the goats leave, good thing as they don’t follow the music).

It is totally anachronic but I can’t stop and put the music twice again.

OK, it’s now time to leave. The greek trails in the dark with an approximate map could make me miss the grilled sea bass.



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