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Climbing with Valentin

Publié le par Bertrand Ricque

Last summer Valentin and I went to climb the “Martinswand”. It is a 90 m high wall in the Hohneck mountain somewhere in eastern France. I know quite well the place with some easy ways perfect for beginners. But it was the first time that 9 years old Valentin was going to climb on an impressive mountain., although he is used to climb indoor and outdoor.


The young guy usually shows anger and fear in front of difficulties. Close to the end of the 3 hours journey, rain started to fall with some thunder down in the valley. He had a bad remembering of a thunder storm in the Pyrénées which had been impressive. The rock begun to be wet and slippery. The best thing was to wait for the end of the shower and for the sun and the wind to dry it before going any further, which took about 20 minutes.


Valentin asked in the beginning some anxious questions on the situation but showed then impressive self-control until the exit at the top of the mountain.


In the worst moments there should always be time enough for calm, distance to problems and solution seeking.


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